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World Class Pension Plan Platform

Tired of the high costs and limited plan restrictions?

  • Platform Flexibility allowing unbiased fund offerings without common restrictions.
  • State of the art technology allows custom fund offerings based on:
    • Peer & index performance
    • Fund management tenure
    • Fund style drift
    • Turnover & expense ratio
    • No cloned funds
    • No insurance co. wrap fees
    • Full disclosure/no hidden fees
    • All no-load/no CDSC

Our own unique daily valued qualified platform offering the ultimate in plan options, control, and flexibility with intensive attention dedicated to participant education and state-of-the-art technology. Offering top quartile funds on a no-load basis reviewed for performance and cost.

  • Does your plan mandate that a certain percentage of assets be invested in one fund group?
  • Are your choices limited?
  • Are your mutual fund offerings reviewed regularly against their respective peer and index performance?
  • Are your returns reduced by costly wrap fees/group annuity fees/administration fees?
  • Are your funds offered on a true no-load/no CDSC basis?
  • Do you pay more than 1% in total management expenses?

If you answered YES to any of these questions the World-Class Pension Plan Platform may be for you!